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Client: Buttonwood
Role: Creative Direction / CX / Brand Strategy / Design


Buttonwood is striving to change the way it does business. When my team and I began research for the new Visual Identity System we knew that defining the mission, vision, and core values were crucial to our success.  We had great C-Level buy-in and decided to organize the business around customer goals. Using empathy, accountability and creativity we set out to empower the whole company to focus on the customer and bring the brand to life.


Good CX is customer and employees centric. We painted our Vision Statement, Core Values and Mission statement on the wall to get our employees excited and energized about helping and working with our clients. Paint alone is not a solution, but it’s a daily reminder of what we stand for, it’s also fun and creative. To create a holistic experience the employees need to be engaged and enthusiastic. End to end accountability also helps to promote a more customer centric business.

Being part of a great team requires people know what part they play. By focusing on the customer, knowing what you have to do, and how to do it in a way that speaks to the brand is invaluable.  We coach everyone on our team to know just how respond to our customers in a way that is consistent with our message, voice, and tone.

Weaving Narratives Through Illustration: Buttonwood recognized the potential of hand-drawn illustrations to inject warmth and personality into the often-cold world of finance. These illustrations weren’t simply decorative; they depicted scenes relevant to the specific deal, showcasing milestones, partnerships, and triumphs. Imagine a bustling cityscape symbolizing a global merger or a rocket launching, representing a groundbreaking IPO. Each illustration became a personalized vignette, etching the deal’s unique narrative into the recipient’s memory.

The goal was to be cohesive and engaging at every touchpoint. The new Visual Identity ties it all together and our people deliver on the customer promise. Powered by consistent and connected omni-channel experiences across marketing, sales, service, manufacturing, and delivery – no matter where, when or how a customer begins the journey they feel the engagement.


We redesigned all of our sales and marketing efforts to focus on customer benefits, while adopting smart processes and developing best practices to meet demanding expectations. We employed Design Thinking to empower employees to be creative and develop common ways of working, inviting solutions to come from anywhere.

The best restaurants have seamless service. You feel thirsty, your glass is full. You dropped your fork, a new one appears without a whisper. At Buttonwood we want our customers to feel the same way. Designs arrive before they were promised, samples are hand delivered and shipments arrive for events without a hitch.



Our customers enjoy the process, and not only come back for more, but to tell their friends. Our web site visits have increased by 311% and post views are up by 36%. Customer retention is up by 25% and employee retention on the design team is at 100%.  It has all been designed that way. By utilizing technology and understanding our customers journey, we manage every step of the process and remove pain points before they arise.  From awareness, to delivery, to invoice, to advocacy we use connected resources and data to keep everything moving smoothly.

We have made great strides with cohesive design and connected data but we are always looking to improve.  With constant research we are exploring new ways to to create better processes and simplify tasks, whether it be through the use of AI for image detection or the development of an app that allows customers to start, track and even design projects.  The organic process keeps moving forward.


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