I’ve been at this for quite a while.

I love solving problems. I have over 20 years of experience developing strategy, ideas and design for companies of all sizes. For more than 16 years I have built and led diverse, multi-functional design teams that have helped companies expand, thrive, and ultimately get acquired.  I foster cultures of innovation and creativity that empower my teams and help them to reach their highest potential.

Current Role

Creative Director, Buttonwood, New York, NY

I recently led the complete redesign of the brand identity system, including the creation of the brand guidelines and style guides. My team and I completed months of research and design, covering every touch point from logo and asset design to usage, voice, and tone. We redesigned the web site and even wrote guidelines on how to answer the phone. We designed every interaction to align with brand and business goals, creating a unified story across the company.

I also work closely with the executive team to connect customer, brand, and business goals across the entire organization.  By focusing on customer needs and employee empowerment we are building a strong culture of innovation that places a high value on design. With the help of Design Thinking every team member is equipped to tackle problems where they find them, and encouraged to do so.

None of Buttonwood’s success would be possible without the outstanding design team that I built from scratch. Reaching across multiple disciplines, with diverse backgrounds, my team consistently delivers high quality creative through tangible products and cohesive branding and marketing initiatives. Building, training, mentoring, and leading a successful team is a reward in itself. Seeing them learn to lead and inspire the rest of the company is truly humbling.

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