Buttonwood-Augmented Reality

Buttonwood Augmented Reality

Client: Buttonwood
Role: Creative Direction / Design / AR / UX / Brand Strategy /  Presentation


The Deal Toy industry has been pretty much unchanged for a long time. 3D printing and use of sustainable materials have been welcome innovations, but we needed something to really set us apart. Deal Toys are physical objects and often are incapable of living up to our clients high expectations. AR is great way to facilitate and enhance storytelling across multiple touchpoints on our customer’s journey. The ability to add a deeper level of interactivity to our products points to an opportunity in the market.


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We introduced high fidelity 3D as a standard and raised the bar for our clients and competitors. By using Design Thinking we came to the conclusion that Augmented Reality was a natural step in the same direction. It offers multiple use cases and allows us to tap into our huge library of 3D assets and utilize them in new ways. Once again helping us set the pace for an industry.

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